IdroLIFE: a Life-Nature Project for VCO aquatic biodiversity conservation

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Our goal: the enhancement of aquatic ecosystems

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Our conservation target: freshwater fish and crayfish threatened species

One type of our concrete interventions: river continuity restoration

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IdroLIFE in a few facts


Project objectives

Endangered fauna

IdroLIFE aims to improve the conservation status of the threatened native aquatic species in Natura 2000 sites of VCO Province, contributing to biodiversity



Concrete action

Through the restoration of the river longitudinal connectivity, the control of the spread of invasive alien species and also the repopulation of the target species


Why is it necessary to take action


The aquatic fauna of VCO, in particular fishes and crayfish, is threatened by various factors, first of all the interruption of river continuity and the spread of invasive alien aquatic species


Project area

VCO Province

The project area includes: the first 45 km stretch of River Toce, the lowland stretch of San Bernardino Stream, many other smaller streams of Val Grand Park and Lake Mergozzo


Project duration


IdroLIFE is a 4 years project:

from November 2016 to November 2020


Project budget

About 2 Mln €

Total project budget of 2.076.462 €, with a EU financial contribution

of 1.226.862 € (59%) through the Life-Nature instrument.

IdroLIFE News

Project IdroLIFE: now available online!

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17th March 2017: the fish migration in the Po River was restored

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Life-Nature programme

IdroLIFE is financed from the EU financial instrument Life-Nature