Today, 21st of May, is The European Natura 2000 Network Day, the Union’s main instrument for the conservation of biodiversity spread throughout the territory. Natura 2000 is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world. It offers refuge to europe’s most precious and threatened species and habitats.

It includes Special Protection Area (SPA) for the protection of birds under the Birds Directive and Sites of Community Importance (SCI), then designated as Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for the conservation of habitats and species identified by the Habitats Directive. In Italy there are 630 SPA and 2348 SCI/SAC, with coverage of more than 20% of the national territory and over 10% of our seas.

This network that also includes the natural sites and native species that are the subject of conservation of the IdroLIFE Project.

On this day, Europe invites us to reflect on the importance of biodiversity not only for the environment but also for the whole of humanity, just think of all the services that nature provides to man in so many different forms; protecting and improving biodiversity is a service that each of us makes first of all to ourselves! Let’s think about it!

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