Our project is about to come to an end and to celebrate what has been done, on Saturday 26 February 2022, an exhibition dedicated to videos, documentaries and films on fresh water will be presented entitled: “Idro.Video – Passaggi liberi per la biodiversità acquatica!”. Starting from 3 pm on Saturday 26/02/2022 in the theater / cinema Centro S. Anna in Verbania (VB) will be screened 8 documentaries and 2 films to tell a submerged world often forgotten, but very fragile and that must be preserved. The documentaries and films in the lineup bear the signature of great local and international videomakers, in addition, to lead the review there will be a true enthusiast Francesco Tomasinelli graduated in Environmental Sciences, Naturalist Photographer, consultant for the Geo transmission and author of numerous publications of books and scientific articles.
You can’t miss it!
For more information read the poster of the event!