The Biodiversity makes art

On 22 March 2019, the final event of the “C’è vita nel fiume!” initiative was held at the headquarters of the VCO Province in Verbania, asking children aged 3 to 13 participants to present a creative work of their choice on the proposed theme celebration of the value of the aquatic biodiversity of our territory’s waters. The quality and variety of the works received inspired the IdroLIFE team to realize this event, in recognition of the commitment and passion with which everyone worked.

Congratulations, then, to all participants and also to their teachers and the families who supported their membership! The future of our waters is also in your hands, dear boys, don’t forget it!

More than 130 young people have joined the initiative, with compositions, drawings, three-dimensional reconstructions and many other works, full of imagination and love for the environment. The children were divided into 3 categories: 3-6 years (2 participants with individual jobs and a class of the School of Childhood “Red” of Pallanza with a group work), 7-10 years (17 participants with individual work and classes 2nd and 3nd of the Primary School “De Amicis” by Dormelletto with a group work) and 11-13 years (41 participants with individual work).

The first runners-up in the three categories were given a tablet, while the second and third-place finishers were given an action cam. From fourth to tenth in the 7-10 category they received an explorer’s kit from fourth to tenth in the 11-13 mask and snorkel category for their natural explorations of the aquatic seabed.

For the two class works received, two special awards were specially created, designed ad hoc: the participating Pallanza kindergarten received a set of stationery while the schoolgirl from Dormelletto Primary School received a set of stationery while the schoolgirl from Dormelletto Primary School received an educational kit of biology laboratory (stereoscopic microscope and accessories and tools for the collection, preservation and observation of biological finds). All participants who presented individual or group works received during the event project gadgets (t-shirts and bag), as well as a booklet that collects all the works produced.

This initiative was conceived and carried out with the aim of raising awareness of the issue of biodiversity conservation, and in particular the aquatic resources of the VCO – which are important for our territory, both from a naturalistic point of view and from a natural point of view. tourism and landscape- stimulating their imagination and interest through the free rein of their imagination.

The names of the winners are as follows.

Category 3-6

1st Andrea Morandi

2nd Giorgia Spinosa

Category 7-10

1st Pietro Landoni Primary School “Mario Tozzi” of Suna – Verbania

2nd former Fair Victoria – Suna ‘Mario Tozzi’ Primary School

2nd ex fair Elisa – Primary School “Mario Tozzi” of Suna

3rd Luke – Suna “Mario Tozzi” Primary School

4th Sofia Varetta – I.C. Primary School “Valtoce” in Vogogna

5th Ania Manini – I.C. Primary School “Valtoce” of Vogogna

5th Jacopo – Suna “Mario Tozzi” Primary School

6th Mara Maffeis

7th Sara – Suna’s “Mario Tozzi” Primary School

8th Serena – Suna’s “Mario Tozzi” Primary School

9th Ludovico Rich – I.C. Primary School “Valtoce” of Vogogna

10th Erdenis – Suna ‘Mario Tozzi’ Primary School

Category 11-13

1st Laura Gasperini Secondary School of 1st Grade “Cadorna” of Pallanza- Verbania

2nd Luca De Fabiani – Secondary School of 1st Grade “Cadorna” of Pallanza

3rd Sofia Rich – Secondary School of 1st Grade I.C. “Valtoce” of Vogogna