On 17th March 2017 a new blue highway was launched at Enel Green Power’s Isola Serafini plant near Monticelli d’Ongina (Piacenza).

The passage was completed after 2 years of works, within the Life-Nature project Con.Flu.Po (Progetto LIFE11 NAT/IT/188) carried out by a partnership directed by Lombardy Region and including Emilia-Romagna Region, the Basin Authority for the Po, the Interregional Agency for the Po, the Lombardy Ticino Park, Piacenza Province , Rovigo Province and the G.R.A.I.A. society; the last one was responsible for the planning and for the works direction of the highway.

The fish routes have an extended water network of over 70.000,00 kilometres, considered among the riverine areas with the greatest biodiversity in Europe. It has 33 sites of Community importance and special protection areas, allowing fish stocks to move up to the big subalpine lakes of Italy and Switzerland.

A water corridor of over 450 km in which sturgeons, eels, twaite shad and all the native fish species of the Po River can freely move to again.

Isola Serafini can be defined as ​​Lombardy’s outlet to the sea, but most of all it is a positive example of how European funds can be spent adequately and the service of an even larger community. A management and collaboration model that should be exported to other areas (Roberto Maroni – Governor of Lombardy Region)