Project objectives

Objective 1

River restoration

Restore the river connectivity of the VCO, of the Toce River, for 60 km from the river mouth on the Lake, and of the San Bernardino stream, at its river mouth stretch

Objective 2

Public hatchery

Realisation of a public property hatchery aimed to the conservation actions of the target species

Objective 3

Preservation of the native species

Improve the conservation status of the European interest fish species: marble trout, pigo, savetta, bullhead or sculpin and italian riffle dace

Objective 4

Preservation of the white-clawed crayfish

Promote the long-term preservation of the species with new colonies

Objective 5

Combating the invasive alien species

Reduce and control the spread of invasive alien species (wels catfish, black bullhead, ruffe, pumpkinseed, crucian carp, non-native salmonids)

IdroLIFE has as objective to produce a significant improvement of the status of aquatic species (Ann. II Habitat Directive) in Natura 2000 sites of Verbano Cusio Ossola, through concrete interventions of conservation and improvement of the blue corridors of Toce and San Bernardino rivers.

Improvement will be from the faunal point of view (production of juveniles of protected species, repopulation in stretches hosting target species in bad status, control of alien species), from the environmental point of view (defragmentation of Toce and San Bernardino River), from the planning point of view (adoption of a conservation plan at provinciallevel), from the point of view of the control and management of alien species.

Specific objectives of IdroLIFE are:

  • restorethe blue corridor of Toce river, through the restoration of its continuity from Lake Maggiore until the first impassable obstacle, with 6 interruptions tackled, for a length of about 45 Km;
  • restore the blue corridor of San Bernardino stream, through the restoration of its continuity from Lake Maggiore until SCI Val Grande, with 1 obstacle tackled, for a length of about 8,5 Km;
  • realize an hatchery of public property dedicated to conservation actions targeting fish species (production target 40000 ind/y of Salmo marmoratus, 500 ind/y Cottus gobio, 2500 ind/y of Rutilus pigus and Chondrostoma soetta);
  • improve the conservation status of Salmo marmoratus population in SPA IT1140017 “Toce River”
  • improve the conservation status of Rutilus pigus and Chondrostoma soetta populations in SPA IT1140013 “Lago di Mergozzo and Mont’Orfano”;
  • improve the conservation status of Cottus gobio and Telestes souffia in the SCI IT1140011 “Val Grande” (Val Grande National Park);
  • improve the conservation status and distribution of Austropotamobius pallipes in the SCI IT1140011 Val Grande (Val Grande National Park), through establishment of new colonies in 4 suitable areas;
  • reduce and control the spread of alien invasive species in Natura 2000 Sites of Verbano Cusio Ossola Province;
  • design, share among partners and stakeholders and adopt a legislation framework for the conservation of the targeted species at provincial level including Natura 2000 Sites;
  • stimulate the awareness for biodiversity conservation among citizens and different stakeholders;
  • carry on environmental education activities, through the involvement of children, young people and adults, the realization of an educational movie and the creation of a smart phone application for school teaching.