Final Meeting webinar

Monday, March 14th, 2022  at 14.00 is scheduled the Final Meeting of the IdroLIFE Project. This event represents the final act of the Project and the occasion in which the results achieved will be presented. The event will be streamed and all interested people can participate by registering on the dedicated page (Click here [...]

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An unmissable event: Idro.Video – Passaggi liberi per la biodiversità acquatica!

Our project is about to come to an end and to celebrate what has been done, on Saturday 26 February 2022, an exhibition dedicated to videos, documentaries and films on fresh water will be presented entitled: "Idro.Video – Passaggi liberi per la biodiversità acquatica!". Starting from 3 pm on Saturday 26/02/2022 in the theater [...]

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IdroLIFE meets the LIFE STREAMS and LIFENat.Sal.Mo projects

On Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 January 2022 the IdroLIFE team was involved in a Networking activity in Molise together with the LIFE STREAMS and LIFE Nat.Sal.Mo projects. During the two days of networking, experiences of managing native salmonids were shared. After a first day of sharing the objectives and results with the projection [...]

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Today, 21st of May, is The European Natura 2000 Network Day, the Union's main instrument for the conservation of biodiversity spread throughout the territory. Natura 2000 is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world. It offers refuge to europe's most precious and threatened species and habitats. It includes Special Protection Area [...]

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Action D3: the monitoring systems at Prata dam and at Lake Tana are active!

Monitoring systems on the Toce River have recently been activated under Action D3 to assess the effectiveness of the Prata fish passage and of the Lake Tana fish passage. The evaluation of effectiveness is carried out through two monitoring systems: detection by PIT tag antenna and video-monitoring. The PIT tag (Passive Integrated Transponder) is [...]

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The fish ramp of the Migiandone Bridge is working!

The “boulder bar” fish ramp made at the discontinuity identified as "TOCE01 Briglia del Ponte di Migiandone" is in operation and, with this very suggestive video taken by the drone, we want to show you its operation. The realization of a work of this magnitude requires in-depth preliminary studies in order to achieve the [...]

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The “Paesaggio elettrico”

Today we want to offer you a video of the "Paesaggio elettrico" (electric landscape) reproduced in detail in a plastic exhibited at the Aquamondo of the Val Grande National Park. The type of hydroelectric plant reproduced is among the most frequent in our valleys and this IdroLIFE initiative aims to enhance its educational message [...]

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Fish passages on the River Toce: continue the work for the realization!

It is possible to observe the progress of works concerning the "Longitudinal connectivity restoration: Action C.4" thanks to the beautiful pictures taken by Marco Tessaro from the drone. The first picture shows the rock ramp at the Migiandone Bridge (Toce01 - Weir on River Toce at Migiandone Bridge) and the second shows the working [...]

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The fish monitoring

The interventions of river restoration have to be done with appropriate environmental monitoring. The defragmentation of the artificial barriers, the restocking of some native species and the control of the invasive alien species, foreseen in the IdroLIFE Project, need adequate environmental investigations, before and after the intervention. The capture with electrofisher allows the temporary [...]

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Control of invasive alien species

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines as invasive alien species a species introduced outside of its natural distribution, which becomes problematic. The invasive alien species represent one of the most common threats for the biodiversity. The IdroLIFE Project foreseen the containment of the invasive alien species with a strong impact on [...]

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