Fish passages on the River Toce: continue the work for the realization!

It is possible to observe the progress of works concerning the "Longitudinal connectivity restoration: Action C.4" thanks to the beautiful pictures taken by Marco Tessaro from the drone. The first picture shows the rock ramp at the Migiandone Bridge (Toce01 - Weir on River Toce at Migiandone Bridge) and the second shows the working [...]

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The fish monitoring

The interventions of river restoration have to be done with appropriate environmental monitoring. The defragmentation of the artificial barriers, the restocking of some native species and the control of the invasive alien species, foreseen in the IdroLIFE Project, need adequate environmental investigations, before and after the intervention. The capture with electrofisher allows the temporary [...]

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Control of invasive alien species

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines as invasive alien species a species introduced outside of its natural distribution, which becomes problematic. The invasive alien species represent one of the most common threats for the biodiversity. The IdroLIFE Project foreseen the containment of the invasive alien species with a strong impact on [...]

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Longitudinal connectivity restoration

It is enough a gap of few meters to stop the flow of the fish in a river. Many human interventions have fragmented the watercourses with hydropower barriers and weirs in order to slow down the down flow of the water. The construction of bridges, like the Migiandone (Ornavasso) one, can create interruptions too, damaging [...]

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Monitoring of the Project visit

The visit for the monitoring of the Project IdroLIFE LIFE15 NAT/IT/000823 by the EU took place on February 20th and 21st in order to verify the progress of the works. During the two days  there was the chance even to visit the working sites of Lake Tana and Migiandone to check the status of [...]

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Construction site for the realization of the fish passage at Lake Tana: open!

IdroLIFE, Action C4. Construction site for the realization of the fish passage to Lake Tana: open! Like most fish species, project target species migrate in search of satisfactory environmental conditions. Water-derived barriers and weirs used to limit current speed are often impassable obstacles for fish that go up a waterway, to breed or to [...]

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Fish Passage San Bernardino stream, Verbania: there we are!

The IdroLIFE Action - Action C4 Action C.4 of this project is responsible for the restoration of river continuity for fish in the stretch of Toce River that flows from its mouth in Lake Maggiore to 45 km upstream and in the Torrente San Bernardino. There are 4 impassable barriers on the Toce and [...]

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Event “Gente di lago e di fiume”

We look forward to see you sunday, October 6th, on the Isola dei Pescatori at the "Gente di lago e di fiume" event. The IdroLIFE team will be present in a space dedicated to research and deepening the issues that concern the management and conservation of the fishing resources of our lakes and rivers and [...]

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